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The Department of Romance Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill currently maintains three internationally recognized publications.

The oldest of these is the monograph series, North Carolina Studies in the Romance Languages and Literatures, founded by Urban Tigner Holmes in 1940, with Professor Sturgis E. Leavitt serving as its first editor-in-chief. The book series is now headed by Professor Juan Carlos González Espitia. Since its inception, over 320 titles have been published as part of this collection.

The second oldest departmental publication is the journal Romance Notes, founded in 1959 by Professor Urban Tigner Holmes, Jr. and now led by Professor Irene Gómez-Castellano. More than 60 annual volumes have been published to date.

The third publication is the journal Hispanófila, originally founded by Professor Alva V. Ebersole and brought by him to the Department in 1968. The journal is currently directed by Professor Oswaldo Estrada. To date, 190+ issues have been published.


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Photo by Antonio Scalogna on Unsplash